Executive Secretary

Executive-Secretary job | Secretary Job Duties

More qualified and experienced than the other secretaries, the executive secretary or executive assistant is the trusted person of one or more directors. He manages the appointments (agenda) and the schedule of these last and takes note of their mail, prepares their correspondence, organizes meetings of which he most often makes the report or the statement of conclusions. He supervises their business trips. The executive secretary selects information and documents from the various departments of the company or from outside and transmits the instructions of his superiors to the departments concerned. He prepares files, gathers the information necessary for decision-making and transmits it to the recipients. He knows where to find the information, how to formulate or translate it in order to process and distribute it correctly. The function requires strong interpersonal skills. Organization, method, good presentation, spirit of initiative and autonomy are required of him.The diversity of the questions dealt with and the tools used, the need to have to adapt to very different interlocutors (bosses, service staff, customers, administration, etc. staff representatives) make observation, adaptation and discretion the essential qualities of a good executive secretary.He has good oral and written expression, makes the best use of all multimedia technologies and sometimes masters two foreign languages. Very available, with great discretion, he usually adapts his schedule and working hours to the requirements of the company or his superiors.