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The interpreter profession is part of the Service domain. An interpreter is responsible for translating a statement orally from one language to another. Umberto Ecco captured the essence of this profession, which is to “say almost the same thing”. The heart of the interpreter's job is indeed to reproduce, in another language, the words that emanate from a

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Person who writes advertising messages intended to promote products, services or an organization. Often in collaboration with the person in charge of the advertising campaign, she composes texts in the light of her knowledge of the target audience and the consumer market, depending on the advertising medium chosen (brochure, television, radio, magazine,

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Director of Advertising

A person who plans and supervises the activities related to the advertising and sales promotion of products or services on behalf of an organization. She leads a team in order to conceive and execute media strategies or advertising and promotional campaigns that she will have previously established. She must approve any advertising contract with the media

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