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Financial Analyst

A Financial Analyst is an expert who works on behalf of a banking or financial institution and for the benefit of clients. He collects as much information as possible about listed companies in order to provide them with the information they need to make successful investments. This information collection is done in different ways. The Financial Economist

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Production Coordinator

Person who, in a factory or workshop, coordinates production activities by organizing the use of human and material resources according to the objectives set. To this end, she allocates tasks, prepares work schedules and production schedules, assesses material and labor needs and supervises work in progress. She must respect the requests from management as

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Securities Advisor

Person who buys and sells securities or movable property for investors, whether individuals or institutions. She advises clients on stocks and bonds and advises them on market value, studies periodicals, newspapers and trade publications for attractive investments, makes investments or executes investment orders from her clients. clients or executing

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