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Host (Radio,TV)

Person who announces and hosts news or variety programs on television or radio. To this end, she plans the content, documents the topics to be discussed and writes the texts for the interviews. During the show, it addresses the public and governs the course. Depending on the type of program, she may comment on or describe news, shows or special events,

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Audience Relations Officer

A person who, at a radio or television station, provides customer service by telephone, e-mail and mail. He provides information on the programming, takes note of comments, criticisms or suggestions made by the audience, forwards them to the personnel concerned, sends to the public, if necessary, written documentation or copies of 'recording and managing

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Person who describes and analyzes sporting events. They can produce reports, host a sports program on radio or television, present sports bulletins or even describe and comment on sports events (football, handball, baseball, etc.). To this end, it takes cognizance of information from different sources such as press conferences and interviews, goes to the

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