Tag: EIS

Salesperson – Electronic Equipment Technician

Person who sells electronic and electrical equipment (communication devices, x-rays, etc.) to individuals or businesses. To do this, she first meets her client to assess his needs and resources. She informs him of new products and explains the operation of the devices and the maintenance they require. She provides him with all the necessary information and

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Heavy Equipment Technician

Person who sells heavy machinery (bulldozers, mechanical shovels, cranes and graders) to companies specializing in construction, mining or forestry. She contacts her customers, assesses their needs, suggests the most suitable equipment, does the necessary demonstrations and provides information on the use and maintenance of the equipment. She must know her

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IT Expert

An IT expert has a variety of computer skills which often allows him to have a global vision of the IT processes to carry out the project. However, he specializes in a particular field to carry out his expertise.

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