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A sailor designates a man who is part of the crew of a ship. The sailor carries out the orders of the officers to carry out the operations of the trim, the rigging and the maneuver. Example: The crew of the boat is made up of many sailors.

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Assistant cook

The cook assistant profession is part of the Catering sector. The cook assistant is at the first level of the kitchen profession. He is considered an apprentice and as such he cannot cook a dish in total autonomy. He performs the extremely diverse tasks requested by chefs de partie, cooks and chef de cuisine. He prepares the necessary ingredients for the

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Catering assistant

Person who assists the caterer in the preparation of cooked meals for receptions or meetings, in a service counter or for delivery to a place determined by the customer. It must respect established methods to ensure the quality of products and services. She also performs various related tasks such as packing, arranging food on tables, decorating the room,

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