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Swimming Instructor

Person who teaches different strokes, diving, lifesaving techniques and water safety to individuals or groups of people in order to enable them to develop the skills necessary for swimming. To do this, she prepares the training sessions, assesses the progress of the participants and ensures the management of the material before and after the lessons.

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Martial Art Instructor

Person who teaches combat techniques specific to a particular martial art (aikido, judo, karate, kung-fu, taekwondo, etc.) and who transmits his philosophy, moral code and protocol. She establishes progressive learning programs, prepares her lessons, monitors and evaluates the progress of her students and sometimes accompanies them in competition. She

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Claims Adjuster (Insurance)

Person who, on behalf of an insurance company, investigates the circumstances of the claims declared by the insured (fire, theft, accident, material loss, etc.). She verifies their declaration, calculates the sum of the losses or damages covered by their policy and negotiates the amount of compensation that the company must pay them. She strives to be

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