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Social Worker

The role of the social worker, Concretely assist people facing difficult social realities: family violence, loss of autonomy or poverty, for example. ... Their strength lies in knowing how to analyze complicated social situations and construct adapted assistance programs.Person who helps individuals, couples, families, groups and communities grappling with

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Special Education Technician

Person who works with individuals who live or who are likely to experience adaptation difficulties related to emotional, physical, intellectual and social disorders in order to allow their social integration or facilitate their rehabilitation. Among other things, she observes their attitudes and behavior, participates in the analysis of their needs, develops

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Intervention Technician in Delinquency

Person who works with people, young or adults, presenting behavioral disorders or signs of social maladjustment or delinquency and who helps them to integrate better into society. She observes and analyzes the behavior of people in difficulty in order to develop an intervention plan adapted to their needs, writes observation or evaluation reports, prepares

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