Wildlife Conservation Officer

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Person who ensures the protection of wildlife and its habitat, parks and wildlife reserves as well as the environment. She carries out patrols by truck, aircraft, boat or on foot to ensure that no violation of wildlife laws and regulations is committed (lack of permits, capture of fish or game of prohibited species or in illegal quantities, unauthorized capture methods) or in order to report emergency situations (oil or chemical spills, for example) to the authorities concerned. In the event of a crime, she investigates so that those responsible can be identified and prosecuted and she may be called to appear as a witness in court. With a view to prevention, it participates in the development of techniques to protect wildlife habitats or areas rich in fish, informs hunters and fishermen on the protection laws in force, on the regulations concerning the sites and on safety rules relating to hunting and fishing equipment. Finally, she organizes educational meetings for young people and adults during which it emphasizes prevention.