Early in the morning, the student leaves home, straight to school. He thus carries out the same process for an entire academic year during which he makes efforts, makes sacrifices which will be sanctioned by passing his exam.

We understand here the load that the word “Exam” carries and the stakes it represents for the student. It is therefore a challenge to take up to prove to yourself that the school year has been worth it but also to prove to yourself what you are worth; it is also the way to prove to his family, to those around him his abilities.

All of this pressure usually creates a fear of failure in the student, placing such a responsibility on him that he becomes stressed. So, don’t panic! stress is normal and is just a reflection of the realization of the importance of the situation, and the fear of falling short.

Once you understand what stress is demystified, mastering it is no longer difficult.

Avoid last minute stress and prepare for the school year on the eve of the exam during:

– You must be healthy and in good health: Take care of yourself. Be aware of the exam you are preparing for don’t think about it all the time. Live normally, Don’t put pressure on yourself.

  • Avoid excess alcohol, distraction, inactivity, tobacco, and coffee;
  • Take care of your diet: Eat in a balanced and varied way; Drink at least 1.5l of water per day;
  • Take some air at times if necessary (play sports, go out and walk);
  • Organize small outdoors activities with friends, relax, listen to music (it is recognized for its virtues of relaxation in most young people);
  • Get organized: find a special time for your studies;
  • Get enough sleep.


Analyze yourself and find out what is your mechanism and capacity for retention and memorization

Are you the type to remember very quickly? or read several times before you get there? or are you one of those who memorize in the classroom during the teacher’s explanations? Once you’ve mastered your understanding mechanism, embrace it and trust your memory.

Don’t go overboard on study hours. When the brain is tired, don’t try to force it or want to control everything because you can’t. Let your brain rest and you can resume later.

Attract positive vibes to you and chase away the negative ones. Don’t envision failure, anticipate it might happen, but let the possibility be zero. Don’t say to yourself “What if I fail” but rather “It would be great if I succeed” or “I will succeed”.

Do not take failure for inevitability. It is very important to know that this could happen. In that case, get stronger, gain momentum and get ready for the big jump. Ask yourself what went wrong and do better.

– Have The correct method of revision. Leave nothing to chance : Do whatever it takes to ensure that the day before the exam you have studied everything. Having confidence in your knowledge keeps you from stressing out.

-It is very important to:

  • Never study on the eve of the exam;
  • Push fear away as much as possible by relaxing and not overthinking it;
  • Get enough sleep the days before and on the eve of the exam so as not to strain your memory;
  • Stay calm and focused;
  • To get all your things ready hours before.
  • Do not lose sight of your goal and do not act like the others.


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